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How to Launch Your Public Interest Dream Job: A conversation with BOAF and Shaffer Fellows

  • Jason Sethen
  • Rachael Winkler
  • Audra Passinault
  • Jessica Binzoni

Institute for Justice: Suing the Government Is a Growth Industry: How to make the most from your law degree (and your life) with a career in public-interest law

  • Bob McNamara
  • Manon Burns
  • Michael Davis

Integrating Public Interest Into Private Practice

  • John Storino
  • Sara Gilloon

Careers in Prosecution

  • Michael Zientara
  • Nicole Cabezas Lamb
  • Chris Kozelichki
  • Katherine Forbes

Create Your Dream Public Interest Job Through Fellowships and the Bridge to Practice Program

  • Dory Mitros Durham
  • Zenaida Alonzo
  • April Kentala
  • Alyssa Phillips

Launch Your Public Interest Career in Chicago Through The Public Interest Law Initiative

  • Michael Bergmann
  • Carlos Cisneros-Vilchis

JAG Careers

  • Captain William Oliver
  • Captain Margaret Maigret

Careers in State & Local Government

  • Anne McKeon
  • Melissa Green
  • Alexandra Iorio