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National Parks and the Law A roundtable discussion at the Notre Dame Law School


National Park Service

Fred Boyles, superintendent, Cumberland Island National Seashore
Greg Dudgeon, superintendent, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve & Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve
Bob Krumenaker, superintendent, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Suzanne Lewis, retired; former superintendent, Yellowstone National Park
Ken Mabery, superintendent, Scott’s Bluff National Monument
Valerie Naylor, superintendent, Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Legal Scholars

Holly Doremus, University of California at Berkeley
Rob Fischman, Indiana University
Bruce Huber, Notre Dame
Robert Keiter, University of Utah
Christine Klein, University of Florida
Sanne Knudsen, University of Washington
John Copeland Nagle, Notre Dame
Karen Bradshaw Schulz, Arizona State University


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