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The Constitution and Unwritten Law

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Law of Nations in United States Courts
A.J. Bellia, Notre Dame Law School
Commentator: Ingrid Wuerth, Vanderbilt Law School

Presidential Power, Historical Practice, and Legal Constraint
Trevor Morrison Columbia Law School
Commentator: Kevin Stack, Vanderbilt Law School

The Limits of Custom in Constitutional and International Law
Michael Ramsey, University of San Diego Law School
Commentator: Kurt Lash, University of Illinois College of Law

Settled Versus Right: Constitutional Method and the Path of Precedent
Randy Kozel, Notre Dame Law School
Commentator: Gillian Metzger, Columbia Law School

The Federal Common Law of Statutory Interpretation: Erie for the Age of Statutes
Abbe Gluck, Yale Law School
Commentator: Stephen Sachs, Duke Law School

Erie’s Four Functions: Reconceptualizing a Puzzling Doctrine
Allan Erbsen, University of Minnesota Law School
Commentator: Jay Tidmarsh, Notre Dame Law School


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