" It is the hope of the Legislative Bureau that ... the publication of NEW DIMENSIONS, will provide a focal point for law reform in a legislative manner. For too long the concept of law reform has been linked with the development of judicial legislation on a case-by-case basis, with reaction setting in to such decisions via the legislative process. Rather, law reform must also be concerned with utilizing the often more satisfactory forums of the legislatures to achieve progressive legislation. Yet too often, burdened by limited budgets, state and local legislators cannot obtain truly independent analysis and drafting of legislative proposals. It is this need which the Notre Dame Legislative Bureau and NEW DIMENSIONS seek to fill.

The Bureau stands ready to assist governmental and private bodies in proposing legislation which is carefully drafted and considered, especially with regard to practical and legal limitations, thus enabling the legislature concerned to more adequately consider the proposal. NEW DIMENSIONS assists in this concept by reaching lawyers, legislators, and private organizations that otherwise would have less ability to consider proposals treated in the pages of NEW DIMENSIONS. Through review of the state of the law, as well as by the proposals for model legislation, NEW DIMENSIONS hopes to have a viable impact upon legislative reform."

The current title of this journal is Journal of Legislation.