Complex Criminal Litigation: Prosecuting Drg Enterprises and Organized Crime. 3rd Edition.


Complex Criminal Litigation: Prosecuting Drg Enterprises and Organized Crime. 3rd Edition.


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Complex Criminal Litigation: Prosecuting Drug Enterprises and Organized Crime provides practitioners and others interested in the federal criminal justice system with a comprehensive analysis of the arsenal of federal laws that provide federal prosecutors the means to combat criminal organizations, their leadership (i.e. the so-called "kingpins") and their infrastructure. These statutes include the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO); the Continuing Criminal Enterprise or CCE statute; the Money Laundering Control Act; federal firearms statutes; and criminal and civil forfeiture laws that permit the seizure and forfeiture of the profits and instrumentalities of illegal enterprises. Further, the treatise includes an analysis of the principal legal issues that federal prosecutors and defense attorneys need to consider in handling long-term, complex criminal conspiracies that frequently involve multiple and diverse criminal acts from the rules relating to grand jury secrecy, granting immunity, bail, criminal discovery, and all points in between. Finally, because organized criminal activity respects no national boundaries, the treatise includes a comprehensive discussion of international criminal law, including extraterritorial jurisdiction and extradition. Criminal trial attorneys involved in litigating complex criminal cases will benefit greatly from reading this treatise.



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