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2 Notre Dame Law Reporter 37–40 (November 1920)


In this piece, William Hoynes rebukes the pessimism of onlookers who fear that the legal profession has lost its virtue and become overcrowded. Here, Hoynes concedes that the lawyer population has expanded due to a correlating growth of business and that some who bear the title “lawyer” have failed the honor of the profession through the predatory tactic of inciting potential litigants. However, Hoynes moderates this view by shedding light on the prevalence of obtaining legal education to arm oneself with tools useful in reaching success in a myriad of fields other than law practice. In sum, this paper asserts that the legal mind is formidable in making decisions, forecasting results and understanding complex issues. Hoynes then offers an esteemed view of the role of lawyers in undertaking their responsibilities of honor, ethics, diligence, and professionalism.

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