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26 AALL Spectrum 20 (2021)


This article, appearing in the American Association of Law Libraries bimonthly member magazine, provides a brief introduction (under 2000 words) to litigation analytics. It contains a definition, common uses of litigation analytics, a brief history, as well as why litigation analytics should be taught in law school. The author provides his framework for teaching and understanding litigation analytics which includes types of analytics, pivot points (perspectives from which the analytics may be understood), and contextualizes the various analytics offerings by insight-needs categories: (1) categorizing and clustering; (2) ordering, ranking, and sorting; (3) distribution; (4) comparison; (5) trends; (6) geospatial location; (7) composition; and (8) relationships. Additionally, the article contains a cautionary hypothetical as to how the predictive nature of analytics might stifle the development of the law in a particular area.



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