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83 Ohio St. L.J. Online 74 (2022)


The governing boards of nonprofit organizations, and particularly of nonprofits that serve low income and other vulnerable populations, fail to adequately include the populations that they serve. At least this is the common understanding among people familiar with these boards. Professor Atinuke Adediran not only confirms the existence of this problem but clarifies it in four important ways. Professor Adediran also proposes concrete steps to address it; although, the clarity she has brought to the problem raises the question of whether she could have been bolder in her proposed solutions.

The clarity comes from new data, careful consideration of previous research, identification of an existing gap in legal scholarship, and the importation from the for-profit context of a helpful theoretical framework.

Professor Adediran has significantly advanced the debate over nonprofit board composition.48 Her effort to do so is especially critical at this time of heightened concerns about racial discrimination and economic inequality. It is a hope that her work will further encourage nonprofits, funders, and policymakers to take renewed interest in this issue.



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