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39 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 421 (1997-1998)


The comparison I have in mind is between what goes on at Notre Dame and what goes on in one of Professor James Boyd White's law and literature classes at the University of Michigan. Both classes use provocation. White provokes his students with an array of assigned readings, all of them about people, not all of them about law, ranging from Homer and Plato to Fowler on the split infinitive and the autobiography of Dick Gregory. We provoke our students with a parade of accounts from our members, accounts of people they think they can help.

White's enterprise is, I think, a beautiful example of the late Dean Edward Levi's description of good legal education as graduate education in liberal arts. I am suggesting that good legal education might also include consideration of real clients. I propose comparisons under these headings: Relationships, Language, Disruption, Translation, and Anthropology.



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