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2 Fla. Coastal L.J. 29 (2000-2001)


I am delighted to say a few words on this wonderful occasion honoring Professor Francis X. Beytagh. He and I became colleagues at Notre Dame in 1971. In twenty-nine years of friendship, Frank and Diane have shared with Brigid and me much joy—and significant sadness. Today's ceremony brims with joy, and Brigid and I are so pleased that we could be here to share joy yet again with Frank and Diane.

His intellectual depth and practical wisdom find consistent expression through his indefatigable devotion to mission. I have known many people with some of these qualities, but it is rare indeed to find all of them in the same person, and especially to the extent found in Frank.

Of course, even all of this would be to relatively little avail in a person of less character. Frank's life unabashedly reflects his faith, integrity, conviction to justice, and devotion to family and friends. During the three decades that we have been friends, and despite the many miles that often separated us, I never doubted that Frank would respond unconditionally to any call for help.

At bottom, though, despite these many facets of his life, Frank is an educator. He realizes, in the words of philosopher Alisdair McIntyre, that true education is not what one learns, but what one becomes. Directly and indirectly, in class and out, Frank has aided students—and all of his other friends—to become better lawyers, better citizens, better spouses and parents, better persons. Frank, my good teacher and my good friend, congratulations on this superb and well deserved honor!


Reprinted with permission of Florida Coastal Law Journal.

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