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26 J. Legal Educ. 106 (1973-1974)


When I first began teaching six years ago at the Catholic University Law School, one of the two sections of Criminal Law and Procedure assigned to me was approximately 33 % larger than the other. I remember feeling a considerable difference in atmosphere in the two sections, due to the numbers involved. In the smaller section, discussion seemed more intimate, more coherent, more shared by all the students. I felt able to know students better and more quickly. It is stunning now to realize that the larger section in that 1966-67 school year numbered 32 students! When I left Catholic University in 1971, the Criminal Law and Procedure sections there had grown to the sixties and seventies. Those at the Notre Dame Law School, my new address, were scheduled to be at least as large. Spurred on by the Dean's own strong concerns for injecting a new dose of personalism into the first year, the two of us assigned to teach Criminal Law and Procedure at Notre Dame decided to experiment with "subsection" discussion groups.


Reprinted with permission of Journal of Legal Education.



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