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31 Hous. J. Int'l L. 469 (2008-2009)


MR. SAUNDERS: Welcome to this panel, put on by the Religious Liberties Practice Group. Any of you who would like to join that Practice Group, you are cordially invited to do so. Welcome to the Federalist Society Annual Convention. My name is Bill Saunders. I am a Senior Fellow at the Family Research Council, and I am the Chairman of the Religious Liberties Practice Group at the Federalist Society.

Our aim today is: to talk about religious freedom, to talk about whether it should be an aspect of U.S. foreign policy, how best to make it so if you believe it should be, and so we'll look at whether the International Religious Freedom Act has helped on that score or whether it's helped enough, whether it's been properly implemented, etc. But we want to look at the general question of international religious freedom and how to promote that.

Our panel—I'm happy to say I know all these three guys, and I've got extensive biographies of them, which I'm not going to read. I'll read just a little bit so you can get a feel for them. I'll give them to you in order. We're going to have, first, Tom Farr, then Jeremy Gunn, then Rick Garnett.


Reprinted with permission of Houston Journal of International Law.



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