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25 Ins. Counsel J. 414 (1958)


Mr. President Betts, Mr. President-Elect, gentlemen of the International Association of Insurance Counsel and your lovely ladies: I am particularly grateful and edified to a very great extent by the intelligent interest of the advocates of the advocates—may I say that of your lovely wives—for their sustained interest in these legalisms that you have heard here this morning. It is very impressive, and it encourages me to say primarily to the ladies present that what I am ostensibly addressing to the gentlemen, I am really addressing to you. I know, of course, that you are defense lawyers primarily, and I want to talk to you about the defense of a great many things.

What I have to say to you, ladies and gentlemen, is unapologetically provocative. All that I say will be a footnote to what your President has already said and so beautifully documented. I do not mean to talk merely about the usurpations of the courts. I mean to speak about the usurpations of government in general, appropriately to the title of this address.



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