Law Library Newsletter

Law Library Newsletter


Law Library News was published 6 times annually (January, March, May, July, September, and November). The newsletter was distributed free of charge to the law school community.

The impetus for the newsletter came from an overarching concern that communication between the law school and the law library might suffer due to the two entities being physically separated for the first time during a period of construction and renovation. In January of 2009, the law school moved into a free standing newly constructed building with the law library remaining in the old but renovated building connected via a dual purpose walk-way/student commons.

In early Spring of 2009, the Law Library News was created to fulfill a twofold mission of maintaining high quality communication between the law library and the law school as well as providing the law school community with current research strategies, optimum electronic access, notes of interest, and information regarding library services and operations, including new or modified policies and procedures.

In 2011, the Law Library News was the recipient of AALL‘s Excellence in Marketing Award (Newsletter division).

This collection is complete. Volume 5, Issue 4 - January/February 2014 was the last issue published.